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The future rests in the hands of the youth. We provide the tools for former and current foster and homeless youth to discover their voice and tell their story through their own art.

A digital film monitor displaying a scene being recorded. The scene features a young person from the side profile, wearing a grey t-shirt and white earbuds, sitting at a desk.
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The image shows two young individuals engaged in playing arcade games.


Media and technology play a crucial role in shaping our future, and this pre-apprenticeship program provides an exciting opportunity to explore and learn media at a professional level. Through our program, students can earn while they learn and unlock their potential in the creative disciplines of animation, interactive gaming, media production, and virtual and mixed realities.

Film equipment in a bedroom set for a production shoot, with camera, lights, and a bed in view.

Apprenticeship Program

Unlock your potential with our new specialized apprenticeship program! Our paid apprenticeship program provides tailored mentorship, hands-on training, and comprehensive instruction for youth.

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Theater seats with a "Reserved for VIP Guest" sign

Real To Reel Global

Our annual two-day music and arts festival is an exciting event that immerses youth aged 14 to 24 in media arts. The festival showcases the best of indie youth filmmaking from all around the world. It's held in Los Angeles and is an experience you wouldn't want to miss. We partner with big studios such as Disney and NBC to offer a transformative experience. The festival provides unique opportunities for youth to participate in panels, hands-on workshops, and network with industry professionals.

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