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A dedicated team of arts education leaders and creative economy professionals who give value and vehicle to emerging creatives ages 16-24. We create access, equity and help bridge the digital divide through mentoring and media arts programming.

Discover Our Organization

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AIM-N-Inspire 2022: Interactive and Gaming Cohort

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AIM-N-Inspire 2022: Animation Cohort

AIM-N-Inspire 2022: Film and TV Cohort

Creating New Voices

Our programs and festivals create opportunities for youth members to find their voices. Our programs include AIM-N-Inspire, Reel to Reel, and Rising artist showcase.

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Closing The Gap

At the cross-section of creating access and bridging equity is Better Youth. We develop our youth through mentoring, media arts, and life skills training.

Transformative Mentorship

Our virtual development program, AIM-N-Inspire, connects youth members with passionate industry mentors. Our mentors give exciting perspectives and new connections.

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through the lens of creativity, we shape long-term goal perspectives in youth who would have a blurred view of their potential

Since Our Founding In 2008
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Creative Minds Think Alike, Join The Cause!

There is still a wide gap between those who have access to technology and those without. Our programs and initiatives help to broaden the perception of youth. We create opportunities for our youth to enjoy their new technical skills. With your help we can further push our mission!


Make an impact, make a difference. Every dollar invested equals an increase in giving our youth more opportunities. Employment

readiness, financial independence, stability, and more thanks to your support. Help us further transform lives today!


Do you have experience in digital media arts, film, TV, music, or being a mentor? Increase your network and create impactful connections. Join our exciting community of mentors to share, connect, guide & mentor our youth.


Watch the word of our wonderful community here at Better Youth by following us on Instagram! Share our organization with friends, family, and everyone in-between. Every follow helps us further share stories and bring better opportunities to our youth.

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